Teaching Experience Supervisor

Teaching Experience Supervisor




What is a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • A TES is an experienced, certified instructor who wishes to support instructor candidates (or Youth Leaders) during their training.
  • A TES does not teach the instructor candidates; rather, they will assist the instructor trainer and help enhance the overall training experience by providing structured feedback to the candidate as she/he works through the teaching experience.

What will a Teaching Experience Supervisor do?

TESs will support and guide instructor candidates through their teaching experience and will evaluate them using new competency-based criteria and feedback guidelines. TES responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the instructors as they go through their teaching experience and provide helpful, personal assistance.
  • Helping to create real classroom environments for instructor candidates so they’ll be prepared with both theory and practical skills when they are certified.
  • Providing a supportive environment to help ensure instructor candidates confidently meet a consistent and high Red Cross teaching standard.
  • Contributing to the socialization of newly certified instructors and help them feel part of the instructor network.
  • Encouraging reflection, allowing candidates to develop their Instructor identity.

Who can apply to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • Anyone 18 years and older and holds a current First Aid Instructor (FAI)-level certification.
  • Anyone interested in enhancing the training experience for new FAIs so they, and the participants, get the maximum benefit from their courses.

What is the role of the IDC in the Teaching Experience Supervisor training process?

  • Interested applicants will contact the Instructor Development Centre (IDC) to register for the TES course, inquire about cost and schedules, and ask questions about the process.

What course components are included in a Teaching Experience Supervisor course?

  • The online component covers the process of how a candidate’s Teaching Experience will run, including what is expected of the TES and how to support a candidate. This should take candidates approximately 8 hours.
  • The classroom component focuses on activities to give TES candidates actual experience in guiding and supporting Instructor candidates (eg: role-play activities and scenarios where the TES must apply his or her coaching skills). This should be scheduled for 7 hours of teaching time.
  • Candidates will have to complete a skills evaluation prior to beginning the online component.
  • Full course details and component breakdowns can be found in the First Aid & CPR National Program Standards.


Course Instructor:

Teaching Experience Supervisor OR Instructor Trainer (discipline specific)


18 years old, proof of current CRC Instructor level certification (discipline specific)

Minimum TES/IT to Candidate ratio:


Maximum TES/IT to Candidate ratio:

1:18 (First Aid & CPR), 1: 12 (Professional Responder or Wilderness & Remote First Aid)

Completion Criteria:

Candidates have 60 days once their skills evaluation is complete to begin the classroom

component of Step 2.

Required Teaching Aids

Discipline specific skill sheets

Skill Evaluation Form

Skill Evaluation Form – (not applicable for the candidate)


Course Instructor:

Any CRC Instructor Trainer


Step 1

Course Length (Minimum Teaching Hours):

Online - Approximately 8 hours

Classroom - 7 hours

Minimum Instructor Trainer to Candidate ratio:


Maximum Instructor Trainer to Candidate ratio:


Completion Criteria:

Successfully complete the Fundamentals of Instruction – Teaching Experience Supervisor online component

Candidates have 30 days after completing the Fundamentals of Instruction – Online to start the classroom component

Adhere to the Canadian Red Cross Standards of Behaviour and the Group Charter

Attend and participate in 100% of the course - this includes active, directed contributions at all scheduled sessions

Required Candidate Materials:

Fundamentals of Instruction – Teaching Experience Supervisor (online component access PIN)

Fundamentals of Instruction – Teaching Experience Supervisor (eBook)

Fundamentals of Instruction - Teaching Experience Supervisor Workbook

Required Teaching Aids:

Course Kit (detailed in Instructor Trainer Guide – First Aid Programs )

Access to Boulevard

  • Valid as long as a CRC Instructor certification is current.
  • Candidates are not required to purchase materials from original certification course unless the program has been revised.
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What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning means on-line / in-class training. Instead of doing two full days in class, you would complete half the course at home or office and the other half in-class. Participants must first complete the self-paced online component, which includes a knowledge evaluation, then successfully complete an Instructor-led classroom component (skills practice and evaluation session) in order to achieve certification. Currently, we offer Standard First Aid CPR/AED C or HCP and CPR/AED C or HCP.

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