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Heart attacks and strokes can be caused by high blood pressure which is a combination of your lifestyle choices and genetics. To try to prevent heart problems in the future, it’s important to make healthy choices now. Keep reading to learn more about the 7 factors affecting your blood pressure.
1- Genetics
If you have another health disorder like kidney disease, diabetes or gout you have a higher chance of getting heart disease. Make an effort to learn about your family’s health history or any other conditions that they might have so you can be prepared for the future.
2- Athletics
Doctors suggest doing aerobic exercises 2.5 hours a week to help prevent heart disease. It doesn’t have to be swimming or kickboxing. You can walk to the grocery store or even take the stairs more often at work to get in some cardio.
3- Nutrition
Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables that are high in magnesium and potassium for a healthy heart. These foods include carrots, green peas, oranges and peaches.
4- Alcohol
Scientists have concluded that there is a large link between binge drinking alcohol and high blood pressure. Try to limit alcohol consumption.
5- Anxiety
Stress over a long period of time can be a big contributor to high blood pressure. Try a calming and relaxing exercise like yoga to bring down your stress level or a few breathing exercises when you feel anxious.
6- Smoking
Whether you smoke or someone close to you does, the effects can be devastating on your heart. Smoking causes your blood vessels to shrink which makes your heart work harder.
7- Aging
When are arteries age they get rigid and more constrained. This forces our hearts to compensate for the lack of elasticity and so they have to pump our blood harder to move it around our bodies. This is why it’s important to stay healthy and exercise!
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